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Septic tank registration in Ireland

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The Irish Times reported that septic tank owners have a new financial burden looming.

All septic tanks must now be registered and inspections of the tanks undertaken by qualified persons. The first inspection is free, but each subsequent inspection is expected to cost €200 despite the Environment Minister assuring the Irish public that there would not be charges for mandatory inspections. This is in addition to the €50 registration fee required for every septic tank.

Here in the UK there are many new rules regarding the suitability, installation, maintenance and record keeping for a septic tank system and you will need to consider building regulations and the BS 6297 2007 and 2008 before constructing a new one.

If you are selling your home then a Septic Tank Survey is essential. Septic tank systems are very expensive to replace and you may not be allowed to have a new one at all, under the new regulations. Over 50% of sites in the UK are currently failing the criteria.

Septic tank surveys are a job for the expert who has years of experience and specialist equipment..

Keeping the inspection and maintenance record of your septic tank is now mandatory and you must keep a minimum of 5 years servicing records for inspection by the Environment Agency

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