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Unscrupulous Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers In The UK

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Just when you thought that the morals of the UK sewage industry couldn't get any worse, this comes to light.

A customer rang me this morning claiming that he had a visit from a leading UK sewage plant manufacturer representative who was trying to sell him a sewage treatment plant that does NOT have the EN12566-3 Certificate required for obtaining an Exemption from the Environment Agency.

When questioned on this fact, his response was "If you fit it before the 1st of July 2013, it is not actually illegal by law and we are giving good discounts on them to clear our stocks".

No, it is not actually illegal, but it would cost the customer an extra £800 for the Environment Agency Bespoke Permit required for non EN12566-3 plants!!! On top of this, who wants a plant that, come 01/07/2013 is not up to the UK standard??

It is time to route out the Cowboy Traders, no matter how big the company, ROOT AND ALL!!

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  1. Jason

    Interesting, i have been looking into sewage treatment lately, do you know if calgarys <a href="">sewers</a> go through treatment plants as well? Thanks for any help with my curiosity. Answer Yes they do

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