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Whisky poured down the Sewers by mistake

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Why a sewage treatment plant smells of whisky

Whisky pollutes a sewage treatment plant Chivas Brothers made a 'sozzling' mistake.

Thousands of litres of whisky were flushed down the drain by accident at a bottling plant in Dumbarton.

The mix-up happened at Chivas Brothers during the night shift on Tuesday while equipment was being cleaned.

Instead of draining away waste water, the workers on duty flushed out thousands of litres of bulk whisky into the drains..

The smell was so strong that sewage workers at the local sewage plant reported it.

Chivas Brothers said it was investigating an accidental release of whisky.

A statement said: "We are currently investigating an accidental loss on the 26th of February at our Dumbarton site, where some spirit was released to the local water treatment plant.

"There has been no release of spirit to the River Leven or any other local water course. We have informed Scottish Water and all other relevant authorities."

A Scottish Water spokesman said: "Staff at our waste water treatment works were already aware of a problem and were working to identify the source when contacted by Chivas Brothers.

"Our trade effluent team have now visited the company to get an oversight into its failure investigation so that we can ensure all possible precautions are being taken to prevent a repeat.

"Discharging large volumes of alcohol into the sewer network can have an adverse impact on waste water treatment processes, particularly during dry, cold weather.

"We are continuing to closely monitor our Dumbarton waste water treatment works to ensure treatment has not been compromised."

Here at WTE, we are gutted that we weren't there with plastic bottles, mugs, 5 gallon drums - ANYTHING - to help prevent the pollution!

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  1. It is sad to see that issues like this occur. However the mistake was made and this company not only lost product but possibly the reputation of its company. Not to mention a lot of wasted whiskey which is sad in of itself! It is key to note that proper training of what was being flushed out would of kept this from happening. The company is probably facing environmental fines as well as the time it took to retrain the employees of what not to flush down the pipes when cleaning the machines. This was also a costly mistake in their loss of product and lost revenues. A costly mistake which can be sure would not happen again with proper training.

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  3. Ian Borthwick

    What moron did that??? Hope he got the sack!

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