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Crystal Septic Tank




Vortex sewage treatment plant installed for a house

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FilterPod_Sewage treatment plant

  FilterPod, the non-electric, sustainable sewage treatment solution for both domestic and commercial sites.

Can be added to an existing 2 chamber septic tank.

Crystal Low Profile Traditional Septic Tanks

Crystal traditional two chamber Septic Tanks can be fitted with a septic tank filter to protect the soakaway. (Please note, however, that sewage treatment plants are always a better option.)

These tanks produce a much better effluent than 'Onion' shaped ones. Our laboratory tests have shown that Crystal septic tanks produce an effluent that is less polluting to the environment. They are very versatile and the inlet can be made to suit any drain depth. They also have a much shallower in-ground depth. 25 year tank warranty. Septic tank emptying arranged nationwide. Septic tanks can only discharge to a soakaway drainfield (with Environment Agency permission) and cannot discharge to a ditch.

The Crystal is the only one that can be used with our Non-Electric FilterPod sewage treatment plant.

Septic Tank Conversion and Upgrade Units

Sustainable non-electric bio treatment plants produce almost pure water and can also be used to convert existing septic tank systems into a full wastewater treatment plant. They are installed after the septic tank and supply the missing biozone and final settlement tank present in a three stage sewage treatment plant. This is a much cheaper option than installing a new soakaway as the clean water can discharge directly into a ditch with Environment Agency Permission. Septic tank conversions, however, are about the same price as full sewage treatment plants as the price of sewage plant has dropped dramatically over the last couple of years.

Wastewater Treatment Plants including Non-Electric Sewage Treatment Plants

Crystal supply both electric and non-electric sewage treatment plants throughout the UK. These plants replace the septic tank and soakaway and can discharge directly to a ditch or watercourse with Environment Agency permission. All our low cost sewage treatment plants have full EN 12566-3 2005 Certification and are accepted by the Environment Agency.

Wastewater Treatment System Performance

Crystal sewage treatment plants are the modern bio answer to traditional septic systems without the smell, restriction on wastewater discharge options or bio-pollution - Just pure water.

Sewage Treatment Plant and Septic System Advice

Our experts are here to help you with any sewage or drainage issue you may have. We give honest, independent, impartial advice on all types of wastewater plant, septic tanks and Installation. We can organise a free septic tank survey of your site and can also calculate a soakaway design to the current British Standard (BS 6297 2008) for it, throughout the UK.

Which Sewage Treatment Plants, Septic Tanks and Soakaways are LEGAL

There are two categories of sewage treatment equipment - ones that claim to meet the standards required by the Authorities and those that have been tested for 38 weeks by the EN testing centres and proved to treat wastewater to a certain standard, giving a quality of effluent most suited to the site and customer requirements. Only sewage treatment plants with the EN 12566-3 Certificate and septic tanks with the EN12566-1 are accepted by the Environment Agency under the General Binding Rules for sewage treatment plants and septic tanks. Anything else requires a Permit from the E.A BEFORE installation, which may or may not be given.

The EN12566-3 test costs around £40,000 per model.

Many of the former tanks are simply sold on price, have insufficient volume to comply with the British Standard, blow insufficient air as small compressors are much cheaper, have never been independently tested by anyone and do not have the essential EN 12566 Certificate.

The British Standards Institute has informed us that the EN 12566-3 2005 is the ONLY British Standard in place, although it could be a lot better than it is. See 'Why the EN 12566 is a bad test'. Many manufacturers, dealers and installers simply hope that the customer is either ignorant of the current EN 12566-3 British Standard, or they declare that the sewage treatment unit or septic tank conversion is 'designed' to or 'complies' with EN 12566-3 or the completely outdated BS6297 1983.

To make sure that the EN 12566-3 2005 Certificate is genuine, ask for the full EN Test Report from the manufacturer. If the manufacturer will not email the Report, don't buy the plant

Which Septic Tank Conversions are allowed in the UK?

No 'In-tank' septic tank conversions have the EN 12566 Certificate. You can only convert a septic tank using an EN 12566-6 Certified add-on conversion unit under the Exemption rules. For 'In-Tank' conversions, you need a permit before installation, from the Environment Agency.

Which septic tanks are allowed in the UK?

Only tanks that have the EN 12566-1 Certificate are allowed.

A lot of 'advice' given by drainage companies is totally wrong and contravenes all the UK septic tank regulations.

What design of wastewater soakaways are legal in the UK?

Under the Environment Agency General Binding Rules, soakaway CRATES and TUNNELS cannot be used for sewage treatment plant and septic system soakaways as they do not conform to the Building Regulations or the BS 6297 2007 for foul water soakaway construction.The E.A. have stated that only methods and materials described in these regulations can be used. Crates and tunnels can only be used for rainwater soakaways.

Our specialist design work and advice is FREE, accurate, up to date and ALWAYS complies with British Standards, E.A. Pollution Prevention Guidelines and the current Building Regulations. We will always strive to find the most suitable product for your site. Please see our company profile.

We pride ourselves on being experts in sewage treatment, not expert salesmen. If a septic tank is not the right solution for the job, you will have to buy it elsewhere, as we will only supply systems that are Legal and that will Work.

Have a look around our site. If you can't find what you are looking for give us a call. We are only too pleased to help you with your sewage or septic tank problems. You may also find useful websites on our resources page.

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