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VORTEX sewage treatment plant
VORTEX sewage treatment plant

Sewage Treatment Plants
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Vortex septic tank conversion
VORTEX Can be used as a septic tank conversion unit

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Effluent Pumping Stations

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Crystal Tanks - Specialists in Sewage Treatment

Crystal Tanks is a leading supplier of waste water treatment solutions in the UK. Our sewage treatment plants offer superb value for money and are all manufactured in the UK. They are the most compact waste water systems in the UK and very easy to install.
All our sewage treatment plants have full EN Certification, produce high-quality effluent that can dischrge directly to a ditch or strea and have passed all the tests. They are warrantied for 10 years.

Crystal Tanks supplies both Domestic and Commercial sewage treatment plants, form 1 to 5000 persons, plus septic tank conversion units.

Crystal Tanks also supplies a large range of sewage treatment plant accessories and spare parts.

Call us on 01759 369915 for free advice on any sewage issue.