Do bleaches and detergents affect the septic tank?

Do bleaches and detergents affect the septic tank?

Septic Tank wastewater systems can cope with some amounts of bleaches and detergents.  However, a bit of common sense will prevent many septic tank problems. 

Water consumption has increased dramatically over the past 30 years, from around 80 litres to 180 litres per person per day.  This reduces the time that the sewage is inside the septic tank and limits the settlement.  Anything you can do to cut your water consumption will help the septic tank.

As far as cleaning products are concerned, use everything in moderation and avoid buying anti-bacterial products, especially hand cleansers as these poison the septic tank every time you wash your hands.

One good tip is that if you wash the floor with disinfectant in the water, don't tip it down the sink - empty it down the outside drains as these must not connect to the septic tank.  Likewise, when disinfecting worktops, wipe off with kitchen towels and throw them into the bin.

Try to stick to the same brands of chemicals, as the septic tank bacteria will become partially immune to them over time.

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