Quantum Sewage Treatment Plants


QUANTUM sewage treatment plants are inexpensive, compact and fully certified.

The price is from £1550 plus VAT for the 6 person plant

Advantages are:

  • Low cost
  • Low energy
  • Low installation cost
  • Ultra compact tank - low footpint
  • Blower housed under the lid
  • No smell
  • Low noise
  • Made in UK
QUANTUM sewage treatment plant
QUANTUM sewage treatment plant

Features of the QUANTUM sewage treatment plant


  • Reduces up to 97.3% of the sewage pollutants

  • Only uses 40 watts/hour for the 6 person
  • Very quiet operation.
  • No smell - complete aerobic digestion throughout the treatment system
  • Minimal visual impact - no blower housing kiosk
  • Optional pumped outlet.
  • Fully adjustable for varying populations
  • Single piece tank construction - one piece moulded construction ensures no leaks
  • Very compact enables cheaper installation

  • Simple and cheap maintenance.

  • 10 year tank warranty
  • Can accept pumped raw sewage
  • Versatile inlet depths - QUANTUM sewage treatment plants can have an inlet invert of up to 1 metre

  • Made in UK.

How the QUANTUM sewage treatment plant works

The Vibro-Screen™ allows organic sewage solids to enter the tank without problems, by screening them out.

The screened sewage falls down into the digestion chamber where a microbial 'soup' develops. This digests the pollutants in the remaining sewage. 

The cleaned sewage then enters the final settlement chamber where live bacteria settle out at the bottom. These bacteria are constantly returnedby the Settled Sludge Return (SSR) to the digestion chamber.

The floating sludge that forms in the clarification chamber is returned to the Vibro-Screen via the Floating Sludge Return (FSR)  pipe. This task is a manual one with most plants, which need this crust removing, by hand, regularly.

Most sewage treatment plants do not work well when they are under-loaded. Most can only work efficiently if they are more than half loaded, - a 6 person plant needing at least 3 people using it. This is because the bacteria need enough food to sustain them. The QUANTUM sewage treatment plant can be turned down to match the number of people using it, so works just as well with 1 person as with 10.

The air is supplied by a small air blower, housed in a seperate compartment, under the lid, which operates all the process stages. There are no moving parts or electrical components in the tank itself.

The QUANTUM seage treatment plant  Chambers

The QUANTUM sewage treatment plant chambers

The Quantum settled sludge return

The Settled Sludge Return

The Quantum sewage treatment plant floating sludge return

The Floating Sludge Return

Model (persons)

Diameter (M)

Height (M) Standard and Deep models

Inlet Invert (M) Standard and Deep models

Outlet Invert (M) Standard and Deep models

Price EX VAT





0.6 to 1.05




2 .0/2.45