FILTERPOD - The Non Electric Sewage Treatment Plant and Septic Tank Conversion Unit

The FilterPod sewage treatment plant requires NOFilter Pod sewage treatment plant small image electricity for the treatment process.

 It is the first sewage treatment plant that can also be solar powered, if preferred.

It is far more sustainable than even the traditional septic tank as unlike the annual emptying requirement of a septic tank, the FilterPod emptying interval is 1 to 3 years, whilst still giving a superb purity when using a two stage settlement tank.  The FilterPod sewage treatment plant was tested for the EN12566-3 2005 at PIA, Aachen, Germany, the same test centre used by WPL, Klargester, Conder, etc.

The FilterPod sewage treatment plant achieves over 97% pollutant reduction. These results are excellent and because it is a natural process, it never requires mechanical repair. There is no 'spare parts list'.

The FilterPod is a 6 person sewage treatment plant. A twelve person plant will be available in the near future.

The simple treatment process is powered only by natural air currents and the air is ‘chimneyed’ through the unit by way of a low air inlet pipe at the plant and a high soil vent pipe. Why use expensive electricity to power the treatment process when it works better without it?

If you don't want tall vent pipes, the FilterPod can be artificially fan ventilated for a cost of around £5/year in mains electricity, or it can be solar powered. This variant has also been tested at PIA.


Electricity required NO
Emptying Interval
Up to 3 years
Primary tank
Internal electrical moving parts
Concrete backfill
Performs during intermittent use (holiday lets, etc.) YES
Visually intrusive (large lids, kiosk, etc.)
Expensive servicing
Tank Warranty period
10 Years
Easy Installation


The FilterPod requires no electricity, saving over 1000KW of electricity and 0.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions/year for a 3 bed. house, plus an extended emptying interval Filterpod sewage treatment plantof between 1 and 3 years.  Compared to standard UK manufactured sewage plants, this saves between £250 to £600/year for single house units and up to £2000/year for a 40 person plant.

The FilterPod is manufactured in recyclable HDPE polyethylene. It requires 2 small primary tanks in front of it, but can also be added to an existing two stage septic tank to clean the effluent to Environment Agency requirements for discharge to a ditch or stream.

One of the benefits of the remarkable FilterPod sewage system is that it may be left unused for months with no bacterial death whatsoever.  This makes it the ideal choice for Holiday lets and other seasonal situations where most sewage treatment plants will not work.  As the ‘start-up’ period for full treatment is only 24 hours instead of the usual 6 to 8 weeks, the advantages for the tourist Industry are immense. The effluent quality is also superb, at 10:12:11 when following a two stage settlement tank, compared to the UK average requirement of 20:30:20.

With the great emphasis on ‘Sustainability’ in the building industry, this plant breaks new ground as the first ‘Green’ sewage treatment plant and septic tank conversion unit designed in the UK.